Do you know what's in your tap water?

The Micromax™ 7000 drinking water system is designed to produce crystal clear, clean, great-tasting water. The quality construction and superior performance of this system ensures maximum protection of your family’s drinking water for years to come. The 4-stage advanced technology is packaged in a low-profile, sleek, durable design that fits easily under any kitchen sink. Refresh Yourself® with the peace of mind and high quality water that the Puronics® Micromax™ 7000 provides.


The Pur-Alkaline filter supplements high-quality drinking water with essential minerals to promote a healthier lifestyle. The human body is 70% water, so why not drink water that provides your body with the minerals it needs? Plus it tastes better. The Pur-Alkaline works in conjunction with a reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water system like the Puronics® Micromax™ Series, to restore to your water the beneficial minerals that were removed during the reverse osmosis water purification process. So, get more out of your water by putting more in with the Pur-Alkaline.

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